IT Departmental Emergency Operations Center (DEOC) Team


The IT Departmental Emergency Operations Center (DEOC) Team is responsible for addressing the immediate IT requirements following a major disaster or emergency in which normal operations are interrupted and special measures must be taken to:

  • Save and protect the lives of students, patients, employees, and the public;
  • Provide essential services and operations; and
  • Manage UCSF resources effectively in the emergency response



Membership - IT DEOC Team

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1. IT DEOC Manager (Checklist: 

Lead Jane Wong
Alt Patrick Phelan
Alt Steve Young


2. IT DEOC Communications (Checklist:

Lead Dan Pucillo
Alt Susan Weigle
Alt John Chin


3. IT DEOC Operations - Systems Lead (Checklist:

Lead Chris Miller

3a. IT DEOC Operations - Systems, Unix Services (Checklist:

Lead Audrey Hatten-Milholin
Alt Hank Nguyen


3b. IT DEOC Operations - Systems, Windows Services (Checklist:

Lead TBD
Alt Jeff Tan
Alt David Carcamo


3c. IT DEOC Operations - Systems, Mainframe Services (Checklist:

Lead Luke Hones
Alt William Lautenberger


3d. IT DEOC Operations - Systems, Database Services (Checklist:

Lead Sherman Chin
Alt Bert Mok
Alt Scott Jaw
Alt Amit Shetty


3e. IT DEOC Operations - Systems, Clinical Systems Infrastructure (Checklist: To be created)

Lead Tony Rodriguez
Alt Dong Tran
Alt Jason Braatz


3f. IT DEOC Operations - Systems, IT Facilities - Data Center & Physical (Checklist:

Lead Kevin Barney
Alt Danice Rausse
Alt Matt Almeida
Alt Carey Fugate


3g. IT DEOC Operations - Systems, Identity & Access Management (Checklist:

Campus Lead Kevin Dale
Alt Susil Rayamajhi
Med Center Lead Ida Swanson


4. IT DEOC Operations - Network & Video Lead (Checklist:

Lead Pascal Parrot
Alt Manish Sompura


4a. IT DEOC Operations - Network & Video, Voice Network (Checklist:

Lead Terri Cummings
Alt Graham Perkins


4b. IT DEOC Operations - Network & Video, Data Network (Checklist:

Lead Robert Tannenbaum
Alt Saurabh Nautiyal


4c. IT DEOC Operations - Network & Video, Data Security (Checklist:

Lead Toby Barber
Alt Lawrence Phillips


4d. IT DEOC Operations - Network & Video, Video (Checklist: To be created)

Lead David Kelegian


5. IT DEOC Planning & Intelligence Lead (Checklist:

Lead Mimi Sosa, Sian Shumway
Alt Andy Li


5a. IT DEOC Planning & Intelligence, Situation Status (Checklist:

Lead Penny Pan
Alt Patsy Gee


5b. IT DEOC Planning & Intelligence, Damage Assessment (Checklist:

Lead Kevin Kennedy
Alt Lynn Bosworth


5c. IT DEOC Planning & Intelligence, Financial System Technical Recovery Plan (Checklist:

Lead Andy Li
Alt Mimi Sosa


5d. IT DEOC Planning & Intelligence, Mainframe Technical Recovery Plan (Checklist:

Lead Luke Hones
Alt William Lautenberger


5e. IT DEOC Planning & Intelligence, Desktop Support Planning (Checklist:

Lead Phi Nguyen
Alt Kristina Mariscal


6. IT DEOC Resources & Logistics Lead (Checklist:

Lead Shelby Dantzler


6a. IT DEOC Resources & Logistics - HR - Personnel (Checklist:
Lead Denise Lange
Alt Shelby Dantzler


6b. IT DEOC Resources & Logistics - Equipment - Supplies (Checklist:
Lead Shelby Dantzler


6c. IT DEOC Resources & Logistics - Contract - Services (Checklist:
Lead Lisa Hunt
Alt John Arbolino


6d. IT DEOC Resources & Logistics - IT Field Support (Checklist:

Voice & Data Network Lead Ian Giwn
Voice & Data Network Alt Mike Hoff
Desktop Lead Jin Park
Desktop Alt Michael Delos Santos


7. IT DEOC Finance Lead (Checklist: : 

Lead Lisa Hunt
Alt To be determined (formerly Michelle Fanner)


7a. IT DEOC Finance - Time Sheets/Labor (Checklist:

Lead Angie Camarillo
Alt Shelby Dantzler


7b. IT DEOC Finance - Cost/Expenses (Checklist:

Lead Lisa Hunt
Alt Hannah Chin


7c. IT DEOC Finance - Billing (Checklist:

Lead Norman Tesorero
Alt Erika Escort


UCSF IT Membership - Campus Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Team 

IT Branch Director

Lead Sian Shumway
Alt Don Francis
Alt Mimi Sosa
Alt Pat Phelan
Alt Francine Sneddon


Data/Telecom Unit

Lead Michael Kilpatrick
Alt Manish Sompura
Alt Pascal Parrot


Desktop Support Unit

Lead Kristina Mariscal
Alt David Ng
Alt Jin Park
Alt Michael Delos Santos


UCSF IT Membership - Hospital Incident Command Center (HICS) Team 

Business Continuity Branch Directors

Lead Sian Shumway
Alt Mo Bagadi
Alt Michael Kilpatrick