ITSM Spotlight

IT currently has two different recharge models for the same Storage service offered through Data Center Services (DCS) and IT Field Services (ITFS). The MyResearch service also offers storage (using the same infrastructure) and needs to roll out a new recharge model as well. Any new recharge model requires an extensive review process.

Patient Safety & Quality, Decision Support, Academic Research Systems, and APeX Reporting all have the same need: ensuring the protection of PHI and PII data. Although they share the same customer base, each service provider required the customer to manually sign separate Statement of Liability attestation forms. If a customer needed access from multiple service providers, they would have to sign an attestation for each request.

ServiceNow [ &] will undergo a version upgrade on Saturday, June 17, 2017. The new version (Istanbul) will have a new, updated, look and feel. We expect most, if not all, functionality to remain the same.

Istanbul provides a new updated interface with some adjustments, as explained here: