ServiceNow Enhancements

To request an enhancement to the ServiceNow application, please submit your request using our ServiceNow Enhancement Request Form (the form is only visible to users with an existing ServiceNow login and the ITIL role).

Our team meets every two weeks to review our Enhancement backlog. During this meeting, we prioritize and tentatively schedule your enhancement to a future release. A Business Analyst (BA) is assigned and s/he will work with you to gather and document your requirements. Once you agree and sign off on the requirements, we determine the level of effort (LOE) and will then confirm the release schedule.

Below is a our list of backlog enhancements since our June 1st review grouped by state: Development in Progress, Scheduled, BA Work in Progress, & Pending. Any new requests that have come in after June 21st will be reviewed at our next bi-weekly review meeting and will be added to the list then. If you have any questions, please contact our ITSM Development Manager Jason Lin.


Development in Progress (for upcoming release)

Number Customer Short Description Release
ENHC0050106 Jason Lin ServiceNow: Istanbul - Unable to create new variable for service catalog and record producer ServiceNow: Istanbul upgrade
ENHC0050157 Rita Mccue ServiceNow: ESS - ESS landing pages require MyAccess authentication ServiceNow: Istanbul upgrade
ENHC0050265 Jason Lin ServiceNow: INC - Missing incident assignment group notification ServiceNow: Istanbul upgrade
ENHC0048500 Kevin Kennedy ServiceNow: GEN - if no To value, entire email form is cleared out [] ServiceNow: Istanbul upgrade
ENHC0050156 Jason Lin ServiceNow: ESS - 3 RITM vars automatically default the first choice on form load ServiceNow: Istanbul upgrade
ENHC0050227 Pete Seatavakin ServiceNow: Mobile - Add "My Group Incident" to the mobile home page ServiceNow: Istanbul upgrade
ENHC0050226 Shawn Hall ServiceNow: User - Admin view is missing on User profile's list view ServiceNow: Istanbul upgrade
ENHC0050143 Jason Lin ServiceNow: INC - undo the business rule to clear out the "null" value on assignee field for mobile ServiceNow: Istanbul upgrade
ENHC0049352 Rita Mccue ServiceNow: on upgrade to Geneva/Helsinki, add view rule that checks roles ServiceNow: Istanbul upgrade
ENHC0050193 Shawn Hall ServiceNow: GEN - Home_Phone field appears in user presence when users have permission to view it ServiceNow: Istanbul upgrade
ENHC0050141 Jason Lin ServiceNow: Istanbul - All Orchestration powershell stopped working after upgrade ServiceNow: Istanbul upgrade
ENHC0050158 Jason Lin ServiceNow: CHG - Review the "Copy Change" button ServiceNow: Istanbul upgrade
ENHC0050130 Rita Mccue ServiceNow: Istanbul - new notifications added by Geneva, Helsinki, Istanbul ServiceNow: Istanbul upgrade
ENHC0050183 Peter Stampfer ServiceNow: INC - FCR checkbox disappears after incident is resolved ServiceNow: Istanbul upgrade
ENHC0046024 Shawn Hall ServiceNow: ESS - reference fields, the validation on fields is too slow ServiceNow: Istanbul upgrade
ENHC0047467 Jason Lin ServiceNow: MCSS - The content of emails don't show up in the activity log ServiceNow: Istanbul upgrade
ENHC0050262 Rita Mccue ServiceNow: RITM - ARF popup warning bug ServiceNow: July Release 2017
ENHC0050320 Lynn Bosworth ServiceNow: GEN - Lock down 'Template Type' AND 'Template Reference' fields ServiceNow: July Release 2017
ENHC0049398 Rita Mccue ServiceNow: INC - FCR Button bug causing INC to be active=false and Incident state WIP.Acknowledged. ServiceNow: July Release 2017
ENHC0050255 Kimberly Romero ServiceNow: ESS - Update text on APeX Support page regarding APeX New/Modify Report Request ServiceNow: July Release 2017
ENHC0049975 Bill Dubord ServiceNow: MCSS - Send building name to Maintenance Connection ServiceNow: July Release 2017
ENHC0049446 Jason Lin ServiceNow: KB - migrate current KB to KB v3 ServiceNow: August Release 2017
ENHC0050113 Reba Brindley ServiceNow: GEN - Build password paging selection form ServiceNow: August Release 2017
ENHC0049826 Shawn Hall ServiceNow: INC - Some fields were updated without actual field modification ServiceNow: August Release 2017
ENHC0050298 Jason Lin ServiceNow: GEN - update incident integration to support HCL MS SCORCH ServiceNow: August Release 2017
ENHC0049559 Jason Lin ServiceNow: CMDB - Create a one time script to update Server tier base on Application tier ServiceNow: onHold Stories


Scheduled (for future release)

Number Customer Short Description Release
ENHC0050246 John Chin ServiceNow: CMDB - Update the BigFix server import to allow CI creation for IT managed server ServiceNow: July Release 2017
ENHC0050174 Peter Stampfer ServiceNow: INC - Create new Inbound Email Action for IT Server Team ServiceNow: July Release 2017
ENHC0050096 Jason Lin ServiceNow: INC - watchlist user in Maximo integration alert didn't receive incident open notfi ServiceNow: July Release 2017
ENHC0050208 Quinn Hearne ServiceNow: CMDB - Application, Risk Management fields ServiceNow: July Release 2017
ENHC0050073 Dale Ross ServiceNow: ESS - update MyResearch Acct/User/Study Request ServiceNow: July Release 2017
ENHC0050063 Teresa Regalia ServiceNow: INC - Reactivate Security SLA "ITS - Security incident" ServiceNow: July Release 2017
ENHC0050242 Dan Pucillo ServiceNow: INC - Add Symptom field to the AppBusServ Message Prompt ServiceNow: July Release 2017
ENHC0050160 Elezebeth Da Silva ServiceNow: ESS - adjustments to (APeX) Payor/Plan Request ServiceNow: July Release 2017
ENHC0049938 Alvin Ozawa ServiceNow: MCSS - update Clinical Engineering to Clinical Technologies ServiceNow: July Release 2017
ENHC0045911 Michael Kearns ServiceNow: AST - Adjust BigFix integration to API ServiceNow: July Release 2017
ENHC0049812 Peter Stampfer ServiceNow: INC - Send warning email when customer adds comment to Closed INC ServiceNow: July Release 2017
ENHC0050092 Ray Cheung ServiceNow: ESS - "Audio Visual (AV) Event Support Request" Field Updates ServiceNow: July Release 2017
ENHC0050199 Jason Lin ServiceNow: ESS - Update Get IT Help form to un-default the Help Category selection ServiceNow: July Release 2017
ENHC0050086 Peter Stampfer ServiceNow:RITM - On Computer Request form, approval requests are triggered that are not needed. ServiceNow: July Release 2017
ENHC0050081 Shawn Hall ServiceNow: ESS - Update ServiceNow Enhancement wording to remove "ApexNow" ServiceNow: July Release 2017
ENHC0050068 Alvin Ozawa ServiceNow: MCSS - Search Tickets text changes ServiceNow: July Release 2017
ENHC0050131 Alvin Ozawa ServiceNow: MCSS - Update 'opened' email to indicate Requester name ServiceNow: July Release 2017
ENHC0050132 Ian Gwin ServiceNow: RITM - Adjust access control / old workflows for 2 Infra_Network groups ServiceNow: July Release 2017
ENHC0050099 Alvin Ozawa ServiceNow: MCSS - update request Type for Safety Office ServiceNow: July Release 2017
ENHC0050301 John Chin ServiceNow: CMDB - Add Created By (Name) and Updated By (Name) to CMDB_CI table ServiceNow: August Release 2017
ENHC0049481 Tony Balestreri ServiceNow: MCSS - Issue when creating a WO from an INC that does not have a value in the Room field ServiceNow: August Release 2017
ENHC0049218 Alvin Ozawa ServiceNow: MCSS - integrate with Safety Inspection Tool ServiceNow: August Release 2017
ENHC0049971 Lynn Bosworth The Field "How Many CIs are Being Added, Modified and/or Removed?" is not locked down. ServiceNow: August Release 2017
ENHC0050177 Peter Stampfer ServiceNow: RITM - Enhancements for Computer Request form ServiceNow: August Release 2017
ENHC0048315 Teresa Regalia ServiceNow: GEN - Collapse 5 IT Security assignment groups into 1 group ServiceNow: August Release 2017
ENHC0049977 Josh Isaac ServiceNow: RITM - Missing affiliation on Campus ARF ITFS billing transaction ServiceNow: August Release 2017
ENHC0050066 Crichton Kittredge ServiceNow: ACHG - auto-set default Assignment Group when entering Assigned To ServiceNow: August Release 2017
ENHC0050039 Alvin Ozawa ServiceNow: MCSS - Update Maximo integration to lookup Maximo user by employee number ServiceNow: September Release 2017
ENHC0050078 Rita Mccue ServiceNow: CHG -Several Email Notifications that list many fields need updating w/ new Field Labels ServiceNow: September Release 2017
ENHC0049612 Kelsey Lythcott ServiceNow: RITM - AC3, the first stage field is always "Request Approved" even when pending approva ServiceNow: September Release 2017
ENHC0050167 Shawn Hall ServiceNow: GEN - Adjust Apex Change code to not hard-code Apex parent group ServiceNow: September Release 2017
ENHC0050087 Mimi Sosa ServiceNow: SDLC - Phase 2 adjustments ServiceNow: September Release 2017
ENHC0050075 Preethi Ravindra Kumar ServiceNow: MCSS - Facilities Maintenance tickets push attachments to Maximo ServiceNow: September Release 2017
ENHC0047455 Jason Lin ServiceNow: GEN - enable "auto-stop" feature on text index to improve system performance ServiceNow: September Release 2017
ENHC0050058 Jason Lin ServiceNow: GEN - Create "Resend DocuSign" button for DocuSign Attestation Record form ServiceNow: November Release 2017
ENHC0049390 Shawn Hall ServiceNow: ESS - wizard back button issue ServiceNow: November Release 2017


BA Work in Progress

Number Customer Short Description Release
ENHC0050239 Christian Sisenstein ServiceNow: CMDB - Protection Level Classification ServiceNow: July Release 2017
ENHC0050144 David Carcamo ServiceNow: ESS - Create an online server request form for end users ServiceNow: August Release 2017
ENHC0050291 Lynn Bosworth ServiceNow: CMDB - Application data dictionary clean up ServiceNow: August Release 2017
ENHC0050290 Lynn Bosworth ServiceNow: CMDB - Server data dictionary clean up ServiceNow: August Release 2017
ENHC0050251 Alvin Ozawa ServiceNow: MCSS - Move Material Services BES from Zoho to SN for PARN and MTZ ServiceNow: August Release 2017
ENHC0050004 John Chin ServiceNow: INC - Bi-directional UCLA/UCSF integration for CenturyLink project (phase 1) ServiceNow: August Release 2017
ENHC0049249 Diori Johnson ServiceNow: MCSS/ITSM - move from manual to automatic loading/processing of Space Planning data ServiceNow: September Release 2017
ENHC0050188 Rita Mccue ServiceNow: RITM - Docusign Security Exemption issue with " in Mac Justification field ServiceNow: September Release 2017
ENHC0049766 Jason Lin ServiceNow: GEN - Update integr scripts to use sys_prop entries instead of urls hardcoded in scripts ServiceNow: November Release 2017
ENHC0047992 Cyndi Galvan ServiceNow: RITM - Incorporating the full Security Exception Request Form into SN ESS ServiceNow: New Security Form Patch Release



Number Customer Short Description Pending Reason
ENHC0046114 Jason Lin ServiceNow: Gen - check/update/test all scripts that Calgary release wanted to update but couldn't Geneva upgrade
ENHC0047531 Lynn Bosworth ServiceNow: CHG - Defect with Patch7 vendor fix
ENHC0049082 Jason Lin ServiceNow: ENCH: Some Stories are too wide to fit in the screen and the scroll bar has dissappeared  
ENHC0048291 Michael Kearns ServiceNow: CMDB - update BigFix with exemption information  
ENHC0047241 Jason Lin ServiceNow: PERF - Comment out all gs.log or gs.print in server side sripts  
ENHC0048225 Rebecca Nguyen PagerDuty: Create On-Call API web page Not prioritized in 2016. To be revisited early 2017
ENHC0047575 Peter Stampfer ServiceNow: INC - Defect-Inc Type getting blanked out on old, closed tickets - ISSUE FOUND!  
ENHC0049008 Jason Lin ServiceNow: RITM - Review all docusign attestation RITMs and occasionally lock email addr downp Pt2  
ENHC0048807 John Robinson ServiceNow: CMDB - Clean up Server class of non server items  
ENHC0048787 Rebecca Nguyen ServiceNow: INC - Send incident attachment to UCD / UCI via web service integration  
ENHC0048956 John Chin ServiceNow: CMDB - Server class Tier field to be inherited from the associated application  
ENHC0046539 Jason Lin ServiceNow: ESS - ESS user can submit ticket using resource account  
ENHC0049255 Peter Stampfer ServiceNow: INC - create Actual Elapsed Time in incident table To be reviewed after Performance Analytic
ENHC0047326 Sayan Chatterjee ServiceNow: GEN - Trigger a request to sign an attestation form Need to follow up with Kim Romero
ENHC0050322 Lynn Bosworth ServiceNow: GEN - Adjust Template form to prevent unauthorized users from create/modify CHG temp  
ENHC0048425 Jason Lin ServiceNow: INC - Clean up Worklog from debug logs  
ENHC0047044 Rita Mccue ServiceNow: RITM - go over older workflows and simplify some of the workflows  
ENHC0048323 Rebecca Nguyen ServiceNow: CMDB - cleanup fields Customer definition
ENHC0050089 Peter Stampfer ServiceNow: RITM - Create global cancellation method for RITMs & tasks  
ENHC0047435 Lynn Bosworth ServiceNow: CMDB - Unique value errors, determine if process can be changed to avoid loss of data en pending definition of the uique key for server class
ENHC0048153 Diori Johnson ServiceNow: MCSS - Update self-service page Web design of the pages with Beth
ENHC0050247 Peter Stampfer ServiceNow: SLA - Change Schedule on 2 active SLA definitions  
ENHC0049246 Shawn Hall ServiceNow: INC - Financial tab field "Title" shows as required even though it is not Vendor fix
ENHC0049228 Dan Pucillo ServiceNow: KB - User without proper permission can see sensitive data in the KB preview Follow up with ITSD
ENHC0048977 Jason Lin ServiceNow: Remedy shutdown  
ENHC0048210 Rachael Moore ServiceNow: GEN - Orchid extension to hospitality Pending from Orchid team to finalize the location data napping
ENHC0047672 Kevin Barney ServiceNow: Operational Acceptance Request - Sever CI pending for communication plan and more testing (Chris miller and Kevin Barney)
ENHC0050287 Peter Stampfer ServiceNow: INC - Create rule that does not allow WIP.Acknowledged w/out and Assignee  
ENHC0049426 Dan Pucillo ServiceNow: RITM - update tasking logic on Electronic Mailing List  
ENHC0048207 Jason Lin ServiceNow: MCSS - Update notifications for SRTS and Linen groups On hold until we have some feedback from customers. we'll then advise to have a wide review on notifications content
ENHC0050280 Keith Ward ServiceNow: RITM -  
ENHC0048799 Jason Lin ServiceNow: RITM - Global solution for requested for/requested by  
ENHC0047662 Christopher Bogan ServiceNow: NPR - Phase 2 kick off NPR phase 2
ENHC0048629 Timothy Orozco ServiceNow: NEW - build a portal for EH&S pending feedback on high level quote
ENHC0049370 Rita Mccue ServiceNow: GEN - Issue w/ docusign when user has sysid and multiple emails/docusign records  
ENHC0046428 Shawn Hall ServiceNow: GEN - Fuji Visual Task Board Fuji Phase 2
ENHC0047026 Lynn Bosworth ServiceNow: GEN - keep cursor in current location after save *** Pending Vendor *** Pending vendor FIX
ENHC0048513 Rebecca Nguyen ServiceNow: GEN - Managed Services Solution  
ENHC0049557 Rita Mccue ServiceNow - GEN - Docusign Record Data Integrity Improvements  
ENHC0049010 Diori Johnson ServiceNow: MCSS - Add a new COUP request pending customer - waiting for Maximo team to see if ready to proceed
ENHC0046703 Peter Stampfer ServiceNow: USER - Company field not 100% accurate in user records Peter to investigate if the form can be accessed by everybody. if yes, cancel the enhc
ENHC0048757 Jason Lin ServiceNow: RITM - Propose a standard Pending for business requirement
ENHC0046590 Shawn Hall ServiceNow: GEN - Develop Archive for Incident Internal ITSM workshop
ENHC0046429 Shawn Hall ServiceNow: CHG - Fuji Mobile View (CHG) Fuji phase 2
ENHC0049293 Dan Pucillo ServiceNow: GEN - Replace SN Chat with Bomgar Chat pending customer
ENHC0048806 John Robinson ServiceNow: CMDB - Remove servers from non it supported device Class  
ENHC0049105 Michael Wang ServiceNow: RITM - create custom surveys for Item "CPI Hub Data Request"  
ENHC0048534 Stephanie Gavigan ServiceNow: REQ - solution fo John Muir teams to share information with Apex teams customer approval
ENHC0049294 Dan Pucillo ServiceNow: ESS - updates to Campus/SOM ARF  
ENHC0050240 John Kealy ServiceNow: ESS - add hosting recharge to Drupal Web Hosting Request