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Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) is the process of controlling, coordinating, and streamlining all stages in the contract lifecycle. CLM helps companies optimize contract performance, especially in procurement and sales. The tools of contact lifecycle management enable out team to reduce costs, more accurately forecast revenue, and improve Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.

With Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM), contract terms and conditions can reflect the key metrics that measure supplier and customer performance. Integrating CLM with operational platforms such as enterprise resource planning enables vendor, customer, and contract item information to be brought into accounts receivable and payable systems in a seamless, automated, and error-free fashion.


Name Representing
Jane Wong Associate Chief Information Officer
Lisa Hunt (IT) Finance Manager
John Chin IT Service Management Associate Director
Hanna Chin ITFS Finance Partner
Mary Williamson Finance Partner
Victor Galvez IT Manager - Integration Services
Jason Lin IT Service Management Development Manager
Mimi Bronco IT Service Management Business Analyst



ServiceNow Contract Management is going live on January 17th, 2018. As mentioned during the “Snack-and-Learn”, the Finance Team will conduct a one-time upload of all existing contracts and contract owners/managers will have until the evening of January 31st to review all expiring contracts. Notifications will be muted until February 1st, at which point, any contract records that are about to expire will trigger notifications. Starting January 17th, all contract owners, managers, and directors are responsible for uploading new contracts. For more information, Quick Reference Cards, and training materials below.

Quick Reference Guides (UCSF Login Required)


Quick Reference Guide - Managing An Existing Contract

Quick Reference Guide - Creating A Contract

Quick Reference Guide - Cancelling A Contract


Contract Management Training Course


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