ServiceNow Account Request

The IT Service Management team is excited to announce a new way for you to manage ServiceNow assignment group membership. The service catalog "ServiceNow Account Request" allows you, your group administrators, and staff to quickly or immediately manage group membership without involving intermediate steps by Access Control or the ITSM team.
View the Webinar Demo [YouTube 21 min].
WHAT can I do?
Immediately add or remove new or existing staff from ServiceNow assignment groups.
HOW does it work?
  • When you, as a Group Manager, submit the request then the action will take place immediately.
  • As a Group Manager, please identify a team-lead who will become your "Group Administrator". Your Group Administrator will hold the same responsibility/rights you have, in their ability to add/remove users from groups immediately.
  • When another Group Manager or Group Administrator adds or removes a user in your assignment group, you and your Group Administrator will receive a special email notification “ServiceNow Group Membership Activity”.
    • If you feel the action was made inappropriately, you can contact that person or go to the form and submit another request to immediately adjust what they did.
  • When anyone besides a Group Manager or Group Administrator submits the request, you will receive an approval email for each of your assignment groups listed “Request for approval”.
    • You must carefully review each email and approve or reject each one.
  • If a person is removed from ServiceNow (loses their elevated access), and that person has open/active tickets assigned to them, the Group Manager and Group Administrator will receive an email advising you of the urgent need to re-assign those open tickets “Your Action is Required”.
  • When a request is submitted, it generates an RITM ticket to an un-monitored/automation group "ITSM_Automation".
    • Each action that has been requested (add or remove from a group) is tracked in the related tab "Catalog Tasks".
    • Each Catalog Task is automatically approved/closed if the Group Manager/Group Administrator submits the RITM.
    • Each Catalog Task will remain open if it is waiting for email approval from the Group Manager/Group Administrator. The Catalog Task will auto-close when the approval is received (approved or rejected).
    • The RITM will auto-close when all Catalog Tasks are closed.
WHERE is the ServiceNow Account Request form?
The form is located on the Employee Self Service (ESS) via under "Accounts, Access & Email".
  • Each group member you add is granted a license and roles for elevated access to ServiceNow.
  • Please ensure the person you are adding via this form or approving via email is appropriate to receive full ServiceNow access.
  • If you are a group manager for a department that has purchased a limited number of licenses, you are still bound to stay within your license count, or request to purchase additional licenses from the ITSM team.
If you have any questions about the new form or process, please reach out to John Chin.