ServiceNow Connect Chat

Connect Chat allows you to interact with other ITIL staff in a productive way using a familiar chat tool similar to SMS on your smartphone.

There are two ways to view Connect Chat, via the Sidebar or Workspace.


The Connect Sidebar is the primary interface for Connect Chat and Follow a Record, and any Connect Mini Windows that are open. Each mini window contains a header, a conversation area, and a message field.

The Sidebar is collapsed by default. Click the toggle Connect sidebar icon in the banner frame to expand or collapse the sidebar, which appears on the right edge of the interface.

If you open the Sidebar with no open conversations present you will see the following message.

If you have unread messages in a conversation, a number appears by the conversation in the sidebar.

You can close the sidebar by clicking the Connect icon in the banner or the lower right corner collapse icon.

You can open the Connect Workspace by clicking the lower left icon.  [see below for more info on the Workspace view]

Point to a conversation and click the x icon to remove the conversation from the sidebar.

To start a new conversation, click the Plus icon and a "Connect Mini Window" will appear to the bottom left of the Connect Sidebar.

Type the name of the User you want to message. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Only select users that you are sure are using the ITSM Suite [avoid selecting customer end-user names].

Once you select the correct Name, you will also have the option to select another user name if you need a group message.

If you have selected additional users for a group chat, your conversation will display a custom icon. 

When the conversation is displayed in the Connect Mini Window you can add more users using Profile+ icon.



Type text in the "Message" section and click the Enter key on the keyboard to send.

The users you are messaging will see a number appear on the Connect icon advising them of a new message, and may also get a browser specific notification, as well as a smartphone notification if they are using the app.  They may also receive an email, if they opt-in for connect emails.


Options besides text message:

  • You may drag a ticket number (from a list view) onto the conversation to bring that item as a clickable graphic into your conversation.
  • You may use the Attach File icon to attach and send a file or you can drag and drop it directly in the conversation.

If you have "closed" your conversation, you may see it again by searching the "Filter conversations" field by typing the Name of the user involved in that closed conversation.

Locate the closed conversation you wish to re-activate and click on it once, it will open the conversation in the Connect Mini Window and it is now under "Open Conversations".


The Connect workspace is a full-screen view of all your conversations in one place. It contains the conversation pane, which displays the conversation header and an expanded version of the mini window, and the conversation tools area.

You can open the Workspace in one of three ways:

1) While viewing the Sidebar - in the lower left corner, click the "Open standalone" button.

2) While viewing the Connect Mini Window, click the "New Window" button.

3) From the Navigator, filter with the word "Collaborate" and then click "Connect Chat".

The full Workspace opens.

You can adjust your notification preferences for each conversation by clicking the "Bell" icon.

For further information about the Workspace, please see Connect WorkSpace.