ServiceNow Connect Support

Connect Support allows IT Service Desk (ITSD only) members to monitor customer chat queues and provide live support (via

There are two ways to view Connect Support, via the Sidebar or Workspace.

  • Note: Connect Support, Connect Chat, and Follow a Record share the same interface, so ITSD agents can keep track of all their conversations in one place.

The Connect Sidebar is the primary interface for Connect Chat and Connect Support, and any Connect mini windows that are open. Each mini window contains a header, a conversation area, and a message field.

The Connect Workspace is a full-screen view of all your conversations in one place. It contains the conversation pane, which displays the conversation header and an expanded version of the mini window, and the conversation tools area.

From the expanded Connect Sidebar on the right side, you will see a notification when a new Customer support session has been initiated.

Click "Accept" to grab the support session.

The support session opens in the Connect Mini Window view.

Communicate with the customer by typing in the entry box at the bottom of the window.

IMPORTANT: "Comment" is the "External Work Log" entry and can be seen by customers immediately. "Work Note" entry is coded as gold and is the "Internal Work Log" entry [if the customer has elevated access (ITIL role), they can see that entry immediately in their support session window].

You have access to Canned Messages [see ITSD managers Dan or Susan for more info].

NOTE: You must know what the message says before you click it, there is NO preview, it will auto-post to the customer.

You can Transfer the support session to another agent by clicking "Transfer" and then select the another person in the chat queue.  [See ITSD managers to determine ITSD_chat group membership]

If you are ready to Create an Incident from this support session, then select "Create Incident".

The un-saved Incident will appear in the content pane behind the Connect Mini Window.

Adjust the INC and then click SAVE.  The customer will see that an INC was created.

You have additional TOOLS to assist you if you view the support session in via the Workspace, instead of the Connect Mini Window.

While viewing the Connect Mini Window, click the "New Window" button.

The Workspace view opens.  On the upper-right side click the "Record" button to view the INC you created.

You can also open the Knowledge Base to quickly look-up KB articles.

Customer Time-Out.  The customer will receive a warning after 2 minutes of their inactivity.  After another 1 minute, their session will auto-close.