ServiceNow Follow a Record

ServiceNow Connect allows you to Follow a Record, where you become a member of a record conversation (External Work Log and Internal Work Log entries).

WARNING: Any entry you type is added to the External Work Log or Internal Work Log.

There are two ways to view Follow a Record conversations, via the Sidebar or Workspace.

The Connect Sidebar is the primary interface for Follow a Record and Connect Chat, and any Connect mini windows that are open. Each mini window contains a header, a conversation area, and a message field.

The Connect Workspace is a full-screen view of all your conversations in one place. It contains the conversation pane, which displays the conversation header and an expanded version of the mini window, and the conversation tools area.

1) Navigate to an open ticket you want to Follow (Incident, Incident Task, Change, Change Task, Request Item, Catalog Task, Enhancement, Story, etc.).

2) Click the "Follow" button.  You will see a notice that you are now following this ticket and that you can adjust your notification preferences for this conversation.

3) You can view the follow-conversation in a Connect Mini Window or Connect Full (Workspace).

4) Once you are Following the ticket, you will see all Work Log entries (External Work Log and Internal Work Log).

5) You can ADD your own work log entries. IMPORTANT: "Comment" is the "External Work Log" entry and can be see by customers via the Employee Self Service portal.  "Work Note" entry is coded as gold and is the "Internal Work Log" entry.

You can adjust your notification preferences for each Follow conversation by clicking the "Bell" icon on the far right, while viewing in the Workspace.