ServiceNow Personal Notifications

The Jakarta version of ServiceNow has moved the location of Personal Notification Preferences.

You can set your own notification preferences, including the channels for receiving them. All users can set these preferences on the Notifications tab of the System Settings window.

With the Notifications tab, you can:

  • Use a global switch to enable or disable all your notifications.
  • Enable or disable a particular channel for receiving notifications, as well as create, edit, or delete channels.
    By default, your primary email address is automatically added as the Channel "Primary Email".
  • Control the notifications that you receive and apply conditions to restrict notification delivery.
  • Create personal notifications, which are subscriptions to notifications that are important to you

1. You can access your Notifications settings in two ways.
In the Navigator, locate the Self Service section and click "My Notification Preferences".

Click the System Settings icon in the upper right-corner.

2. When the System Settings window appears, click the Notifications tab on the lower left side.

There are three sections to manage your notifications:

Setting Description
Allow Notifications Global switch for enabling or disabling all notifications.  NOTE: If you disable this, you will no longer receive any notifications from all of
your channels
Notification Channels List of your channels for receiving notifications. Use this section to:
  • Enable or disable a channel by using its toggle switch. NOTE: If you disable a channel, notifications are not delivered to that channel.
  • Add channels using the Create Channel option.
  • Modify channel information. Click the channel row or the right arrow (>) next to the appropriate channel to edit or delete it.
Notification by Category List of notification categories that identify and group related notifications. Each category contains the notifications that you can subscribe to.

To view the notifications in a given category, click the category row or the right arrow (>) next to the appropriate category. You can:


Enable or Disable Channel and Notifications:

To enable or disable a channel on which the notification is received, click the switch for the channel to turn it from green to grey.  Note: Disabling means notifications are not delivered to that channel.

To enable or disable a specific notification:

1. Scroll to locate the Category of notification and then click it.  In this example, we click on "Incident".

2. Once you opened the Category, scroll to the exact notification you wish to enable or disable and click it.  In this example, we click on "Email assigned to Group".

3. Once opened, you can enable or disable the specific notification sent to the specific channels you have set up.

Add or Modify Notification Channels:

Notification channels include email addresses, text pagers, and service providers for SMS messages. If you are using the ServiceNow mobile application, you do not need to create a push channel for your mobile device.  NOTE: we do not support the Voice channel, please do not create a channel for Voice.

1. To add a new Channel, click the link "Create Channel".

2. Fill out the Channel record.  In this example, we are creating a SMS option for a cell/mobile phone.  Create a unique Name, select the Type, enter the Phone Number, enter the Service provider and Save.  If you can't locate your mobile phone provider, contact the ITSM team.

3. Make sure your new Channel is set to Enabled (green).