Incident Management


Part of the Service Operation lifecycle, Incident Management manages the lifecycle of all Incidents.  The objective of the process is to ensure that normal service operation is restored as quickly as possible and the business impact is minimized. 

At a very high level, the Incident Management process includes eight process activities:

  • Identification - Incidents are detected and reported.
  • Logging - All relevant information relating to the nature of the Incident must be documented.
  • Categorization & Prioritization - Incidents are categorized and prioritized to facilitate a swift and effective resolution.
  • Initial Diagnosis - A diagnosis is carried out to try to discover the full symptoms of the incident.
  • Escalation - When the Service Desk cannot resolve the incident, the incident is escalated for further support (functional escalation).  If incidents are more serious, the appropriate IT managers must be notified (hierarchic escalation).
  • Investigation & Diagnosis - When there is no known solution, the incident is investigated.
  • Resolution & Recovery - Once the solution has been found, the issue can be resolved.
  • Incident Closure - The Service Desk confirms that the incident is fully resolved and that the user is satisfied and then the incident can be closed.

If the customer can work, the Incident can be resolved. -Peter Stampfer, Incident Process Manager


Name/Email Title Department
Abad, Cheryl BCH Oakland IT Tech Support Manager IT Information Technology
Beynon, Kristan IT Security Analyst IT Security and Policy
Bisht, Vishakha CFS Process Admin IT Business Ops Administration
Brezman, Irene Mgr-Environment Portfolio IT Clinical Applications
Bronco, Mimi Business Systems Analyst IT Service Management
Camacho, Jennifer Systems Administrator Manager Fresno Assoc Dean Administration IT
Carrillo, Joel CO Solution Center Manager Controllers Office
Cheung, Ray Business Support Manager IT Field Services
Chin, John ITSM Associate Director IT Service Management
Flesner, Joshua It Architecture Lead IT Systems Engineering
Galvan, Cyndi IT Security Analyst IT Security and Policy
Isaac, Josh Programmer Analyst ITS Billing
Jang, Jeffrey CO Solution Center Supervisor Controllers Office
Law, David Information System Manager Pediatrics IT
Lin, Jason Applications Program Manager IT Service Management
McCue, Rita ITSM Technical Lead IT Service Management
Moraga, Penny Clinical Program Coordinator IT Clinical Applications
Ozawa, Alvin Business Technical Support Supervisor Med Center Support Call Center
Pal, Noah System Administrator Campus Life Services
Paulino, Luis Technical Operations Supervisor IT Service Desk
Pucillo, Dan Clinical Operations Supervisor IT Service Desk
Quinn, Josh System Administrator Campus Life Services
Rubalcaba, Nick Info Systems Supervisor Fresno Assoc Dean Administration IT
Seatavakin, Pete ITFS Field Manager IT Field Services
Siegmund, Leslie Business Systems Analyst Supply Chain Management
Stampfer, Peter Service Operation Process Manager IT Service Management
Sussmann, Lian Program & Systems Manager Supply Chain Management
Swanson, Ida IT Security Manager IT Identity Management
Taylor, Greg Technical Operations Supervisor IT Service Desk
Thacker, Chris Programmer Analyst Campus Life Services
Von Eichhorn, John Associate Director IT Service Desk
Yun, Rodney Education Systems Analyst School of Pharmacy IT


  • Governance Meetings: 1st Wed of the month, 10:00am


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